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atto is “Desktop Scrap Tool”.

This software allows you to cut out a part of the screen with a single button and display it at top most. This can be used when you want to refer to a part of another application while working. It can also be used to take a screenshot of the screen.





  1. Unzip
  2. Run atto.exe (It will reside in the task tray.)
  3. When you want to cut the screen, press Ctrl+1 key to enter the scrapping state. At this time, the mouse cursor will change to indicate that it is ready for scrapping.
    • The default setting for the shortcut keys is Ctrl+1. If it is being used by other software, it cannot be used.
  4. Drag the desired area of the desired part with the 🖱mouse in the Scrapification Preparation state. The dragged area will be created as a scrap.
  5. Scrapped windows can also be moved around the scrap with the mouse.If the scrap window is in the way, you can reduce or enlarge the scrap window size by double-clicking it. You can also exit the scrap window by using the right-click menu or the ESC key.
  6. If necessary, you can change the settings from the options in the task tray menu.
  7. If you want to quit atto, you can do so from the right-click menu in the task tray.

Other feature

Third party software


This software is free for anyone to use, but we are accepting donations below to continue development.

Known issues